Pandemic Package

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Are you feeling frustrated with your fitness and nutrition during the pandemic?


Are you feeling like you just can't focus on taking care of yourself but you really want to?


Are you ready to get back to feeling better and having more energy?  

The past year has been a struggle for everyone,



If you are feeling tired, frustrated and ready for a change we are here to help.


We have all been through a challenging year and it is time for a change!

It is time to start your transformation to moving, looking, feeling, training, playing and living better! 

What is included?



Learn HOW to effectively train your body with safe, effective and results driven training! You can really 'have it all' when it comes to increasing your strength while also increasing your mobility, flexibility and fitness level! Fitness is so much more than slugging it through endless boring burpees (who likes them anyways?). Learn how to use the latest and most effective (and fun!) training tools like the steel mace, kettlebells, the vipr, rmt club and more! It's time to get your body moving, looking and feeling better!




Get the nutrition coaching and support you need! Your fitness and nutrition are BOTH key to getting you back to feeling your very best! Our packages include a full nutrition assessment, review and ongoing support to help you get better results!  Our TT private nutrition coaching group will help you feel inspired, encouraged and supported!



Is your movement and flexibility severely lacking due to the pandemic? We are here to help with our unique blend of movement based fitness, stretching and recovery training inspired by the work we do in our TT physiotherapy clinic!  Finish each session with a stretch that will leave you feeling better! 

On Demand Training *even better than Netflix! 
Monday - Friday 6am-12pm
Saturday 8am-12pm
$349 for the inclusive package: 
10 Training sessions 
A safe & effective training program designed to optimize your time & your results!
A customized nutrition assessment, coaching and support
Complimentary 30 minute private stretching session

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

“If you’re really ready to make a change, and not just suffer through another crash diet, then this is for you.  Six months later, at 70lbs lighter, I have more energy, and I feel much more self-aware and confident in terms of my ability to keep going to reach my goal, and then to stay there and not revert to old habits."


—  Stephanie Henry