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Pilates & Stretch

woman with her child
Onsite or Virtual Pilates & Stretching


Do you have a reformer or piece of pilates equipment at home that you just don't know how to use?

Perhaps you are always tight and stiff and want to try a unique way to both move better and feel better!

With a blend of classical pilates training and strength and conditioning, this approach will help you increase your strength, flexibility and take your core training to a whole new level.

Either onsite or online, each session is customized to YOUR needs, YOUR movement and YOUR goals.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

“Decades of sitting at a desk has lead to a lack of hip and shoulder mobility and it's a huge issue for me.  In just one session, all of my joints felt looser and more fluid. I actually felt my hips moving again!  I would highly recommend pilates with Whitney! It is a necessary and welcomed part of any wellness regimen.” 

—  Karen Wyatt

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