About US

Transformation Training Health Centre, "TT", is the transformation of "Taylored Training Inc."into a FRESH, NEW and INNOVATIVE approach to fitness, movement and rehabilitation.

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Our Approach

Transformation Training offers a free motion and movement-based training method. Our unique approach engages multiple muscle groups to strengthen your whole body, whereas traditional weightlifting or cardio exercises target specific muscles and put you at risk for injury.


We teach coordinated movements with minimal equipment, providing accessibility for anyone to build strength and flexibility without restrictions. Fitness can also be integrated with our nutrition coaching and physiotherapy to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

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Everyone is Welcome


At our studio, we want people of all fitness levels to feel motivated and supported. Whether you are new to fitness, returning from an injury, a new mom, or prioritizing your health during retirement, we are here to help you succeed.


Everyone’s body is different, so come explore exercises and training techniques that work best for you. Each class is customized to your needs, with the ultimate goal of achieving wellness in everyday life.

Maximize Your Workouts


All our fitness programs are results-driven, designed to be effective and safe. We combine essential fitness elements, including cardio, strength training, corrective exercise, and stretching into one 45-60 minute session to maximize your time.


There’s also no need to train every day. Complete just two sessions a week (with the option for more) to see an amazing difference in how you move and feel. It’s never too late to join our supportive fitness community and start your transformation!

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