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Online Personal Training Membership Options

Our health is our most important possession.


I understand that fitness and nutrition can be confusing and you just want to make the most out of each and every training session so you can make your time matter!

Your time is valuable. Virtual Personal Training memberships aim to help you make fitness a part of your lifestyle!

All Memberships Include 

* FULL ACCESS online support including voice calls, email and texting to give you the best education and support to answer ALL your health & fitness questions.

*FULL ACCESS to nutrition coaching including an initial assessment, programming and ongoing support. 

*CUSTOMIZED programming; whether you are injured or have a specific goal a customized program is designed for YOU to get you to your goal as quickly as possible!

*WORK with a professional health coach with over 25 years experience dedicated to helping you achieve long-term fitness success!

Accountabilty Pacakage

Meet with your health coach for 2 private customized sessions a month.


PLUS our ALL ACCESS features.


1x a Week On Track Package


Meet with your health coach for a private session EVERY week to keep you accountable and on track.


PLUS our ALL ACCESS features. 



2x Signature


Meet with your health coach 2x a week and make your training a consistent and non-negotiable part of your week! 


PLUS all our ALL ACCESS features.

See What Our Clients Are Saying

"6 months ago when I thought of going to a gym, I made every excuse not to go.  I'm not sure when my disdain for the gym came, in my younger days In my younger days I was a varsity athlete, and very active in team sports.  This was until I walked in the door the first time and met Whitney.   I realized what I had been missing, a coach!  I couldn't believe that it took me this long to realize I needed a coach/mentor for my physical and mental well being.  Whitney has been there with me every step, push, stretch, punch, drop of sweat. She is a coach who is an expert in my physical and mental well being.  The results have been 2 sizes down and 15 pounds lighter.  More importantly my strength and self esteem rises with every session."


- Patty Gollogly 

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