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August Challenge

Sometimes the most important and hardest step is the very first one.

Walking is one of THE best ways to start your journey to better health. It is as simple as making time to get outside and get moving!


Perhaps you already are in a fitness routine but want to take it to the next level AND enjoy the benefits of fresh air, movement and challenging yourself in order to smash your fitness goals.

Increasing your daily steps + improving the how, what and when you eat can dramatically change your physique, movement, strength and fitness in just one month. 

Join us for a program focused on taking things step by step!

1st Place Prize: 1 month Coaching Package *Value of $340

2nd Place Prize: $175 Lululemon Gift card

3rd Place Prize: Fascial Stretch Therapy/Massage Treatment $95/hour


PRICE: $79.00



 Intro to Intermittent Fasting Ebook

Intermittent Fasting How to Guide

Strength Training Starter Guide

Access to the Step Challenge group

Unlimited Online Coaching Support

A chance to win 1 of 3 Prizes!!!


Each day we encourage you to accumulate as many steps as you can. Whether on a treadmill or enjoying the great outdoors, add to your daily activity by stepping up your walking game!

Build strength and work at your cardio at the same time with our at home 20 minutes sessions.  

Feeling tight, stiff or sore? 

Then enjoy our stretching ebook designed to help you recover, improve your flexibility and Move better!


Fasting can sound intimidating, complicated and perhaps even scary to try BUT it is one of THE best effective and efficient ways to rid yourself of emotional eating, extra body fat and confusion when it comes to your nutrition. 

Learn why fasting can help you age better, decrease your risk of illness, improve your hormone health and DRAMATICALLY increase your energy *when you find the most effective plan for your schedule and your lifestyle

- Starts Monday,August 7th -

Nutrition Coaching 

Fitness support

 Interested in starting your own transformation?

Register for more details and to reserve your spot!

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