Kinesiology &
Rehabilitation Training

Kinesiology/Rehabilitation Training



Our Kinesiologists are keen to help you get back to feeling, training and moving at your very best.


If you struggle with pain, injury and/or movement restrictions we are here to support you and help you feel better with a safe, effective and results oriented training program customized for your body, your health history and your movement goals.


Injuries and health issues shouldn’t hold you back from living your life with confidence, freedom and pain free movement.  You don’t just have to ‘deal with the pain’ OR resolve to the fact restricted fitness and movement are just part of ‘getting older’.


Common health issues addressed include customized training for health conditions/issues such as:



  • Knee and Hip replacements

  • Shoulder and Back injuries/pain

  • Pelvic Floor pain/dysfunction

  • Cancer (pre/post treatment)

  • Pre and Post Natal Care

  • Lack of flexibility/mobility/fitness

  • Cardiac issues

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries



We look forward to working with you!

See What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have worked through a debilitating loss of strength in my left arm following a frozen shoulder almost 10 years ago. Thanks to Cassie for her work on my shoulder and her advice on training customized for me by the coaches at Taylored Training, now I lift equally well with both arms, I am back playing piano at an advanced level and taking up new musical instruments. I highly recommend TT Health Centre."

—  Angela Stewart