Taylored Training Physiotherapy 

At Taylored Training Physiotherapy, we revolutionize how physiotherapy is practiced in Kingston. We use a hands-on, manual therapy approach because it integrates your physiotherapy treatment with movement to achieve lasting results.


​Receive rehabilitation treatment that accommodates your individual needs, including:


●  ​Pelvic floor physiotherapy

●  Rehabilitation from injury

●  Pre-operative or post-operative care

●  Preventative care

●  Dry needling and acupuncture

●  Semi-annual movement assessment


Our amazing physiotherapists, led by Cassie Dionne, have been featured in numerous publications and media outlets for their cutting-edge work, specifically in pelvic floor physiotherapy and women’s health.


Book a consultation with us to get to know our physiotherapists!

See What Our Clients Are Saying

"I have worked through a debilitating loss of strength in my left arm following a frozen shoulder almost 10 years ago. Thanks to Cassie for her work on my shoulder and her advice on training customized for me by the coaches at Taylored Training, now I lift equally well with both arms, I am back playing piano at an advanced level and taking up new musical instruments. I highly recommend TT Health Centre."

—  Angela Stewart





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