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Online Fitness Membership

No matter where you find yourself you can join us in the studio for a fun-filled fitness session with TT Veteran Coaches Whitney & Vanessa!

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We are here to help you FEEL your very best with an interactive, fun and unique approach to training from ANYWHERE in the world!

Our team is dedicated to bringing you the very best fitness keeping in mind that your time is valuable. We all need support from a coach and we know that you want the BEST results you can get while still enjoying life! Join us for a new approach to making fitness FIT into your lifestyle!

Your TT Online Membership Includes

Live streamed classes from our studio location in Kingston, Ontario Canada!

**Available at any time if you can't join us live

Pre-recorded zoom sessions that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere!

vanessa on a zoom call

Stretching sessions with FST (fascial stretch therapist) Coach Whitney

Learn how to use kettlebells, the steel mace and the TRX to improve the way you move, look and feel! 

Exercise technique tips to improve your form and improve your fitness and physique!

Recipes and cooking tips from one of Canada's TOP Farm to Table chef

 *featured on Chopped Canada

amanda smiling in a kitchen

Learn how to plate your food like a pro at your next dinner party or learn some of the easiest and healthy 5 ingredient meals you can make in your very own kitchen!

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Questions about rehab, corrective exercise, or an injury??? Ask our Expert TT Physiotherapy team - "We have your back"

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We cannot wait to welcome you to our online community!

me in africa.jpg

Coach Whitney training while on safari in Africa.

Fitness CAN happen anywhere you go!

Membership Options

Monthly               $39


Year                    $425

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

"Just reaching out to tell you that your Online Program works so well for me! I find I am so much stronger, more agile, and feel great. Little things like lugging heavy groceries onto a boat, off a boat, and up to our cottage. Hauling stuff around is relatively easy, depending of course on the size, have yet to be able to pull stumps out of the ground hahaha.


My golf game has improved too, I'm driving the ball further than I ever have which I think is because of my improved abdominal/core strength and hip rotation.


I love the variety of exercises, I was just thinking today as I worked out that a year ago I was doing classes and it was the same routine day in and day out. A strong hug to all of you!"

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