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Women's Health Matters

Although we welcome clients of all ages and genders, we also strive to educate and advocate for women’s health. We believe that women’s health issues, like pelvic health, menopause, and strength training for osteoporosis, have been ignored for far too long.


In 2016, Transformation Training director Whitney Garrah wrote an article for the Huffington Post that shed light on a recurring issue seen throughout her 22-year fitness career.

article from huffington post

This article prompted a positive response from women online and in the Kingston community. Six months later, we formed the women’s branch of our health centre. We now offer pelvic health physiotherapy, prenatal or postnatal training programs, and a focus on helping women gain confidence inside and outside the gym.

Training during or post-pregnancy and menopause doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our coaches and physiotherapists are here to guide you through nutrition plans and personal training so you can enjoy life without feeling deprived.

Global News Feature

article about pelvic floor
If you’ve struggled with your weight or want to feel your best again, let’s reclaim your confidence together!
"I didn't start my fitness journey until I was in my 40's. I felt lost and nervous about how to train and how to eat to stay in shape. Now I am turning 50 years old I am in the best shape of my life! Yes. It IS Possible with the right coach, program, and support!"
- Heather VanLuven
vanessa with her baby
"I always thought I would just bounce back post-pregnancy since I was a fitness professional myself. I realized that as my body changed I needed a different approach to my fitness to best take care of my body.  Now I feel even stronger and more confident than I did before!"
- Coach Vanessa

Queen'S U Tedx Talk

Women's Health: It's time to talk about it

cassie at a ted talk
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