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Join our November 2020 Challenge!

It is almost November and we bet you didn't think as many people would be wearing masks for so many months leading up to Halloween, did you??? #bad2020joke

On a very serious note (just briefly, because we all need to laugh more these days) if this pandemic has taught us anything it is how TRULY important and precious our health really is.

​The past few months have been like watching a movie and I think that the popcorn is now stale, our drinks have very much run out and we are all ready for the final credits to start scrolling!

The other day at the studio we were talking about the lifestyle stages of the pandemic.

Stages 1 - The world is truly going to end so I must by all the canned foods, chips and snacks I possibly can. Oh, and toilet paper in case it gets really bad.

Stage 2 - I MUST learn how to bake bread (why have I never done this before?), cinnamon buns and my family NEEDS me to make chocolate chip cookies (sometimes daily...).

Stage 3 - THANK GOD they didn't close the beer store or liquor stores. Obviously it is now time to stock up just in case they do!

Stage 4 - I am feeling 'fluffy these days' with the cinnamon buns and extra booze so since my gym is closed I will start running and play tennis (even though I don't know how to do either) and of 'course' I should start playing golf.

Stage 5 - WOW. THIS is what happens when you don't exercise, eat real food and closing your laptop after a zoom call is the most strength training you've done since March 2020..

If any of this is ringing a bell, don't worry you're not alone!

We have had SO many conversations as of late about how getting back into a fitness routine is particularly hard and challenging this year. I get it!

So after this hilarious conversation at the studio, and after a pretty crazy past few months we wanted to challenge you to close out 2020 from a position of strength and empowerment and it's time to take back control over something we NEED to be in control of, our health!

Isn't it time to get back to MOVING better, EATING better, TRAINING better and FEELING better

We invite you to join us for our November 2020 Challenge!

Hindsight is 2020 (my other #bad2020joke) BUT why don't we work on rewriting this movie to have an EPIC ending when it comes to our health and fitness!

Why don't we band together and look back at this year from a position of strength versus one of weakness!

Why don't we focus on the challenges and hardships that we overcame and the lessons we have learned?